How to Apply

The FSU Gateway program is designed for students entering undergraduate studies who have proven themselves to be academically accomplished, but who are also well-rounded in other areas such as extra-curricular activities, sports, work/intern experience, and travel experience to name a few. We are looking for students who can bring something unique to the university, who can excel in an environment working and building relationships with American students, and who are prepared for the academic rigors of their degree program in its entirety. 

When students apply to the FSU Gateway program, they are evaluated on an individual and holistic basis. This essentially means that the University places heavy importance on a variety of criteria and indicators when vetting applicants, jointly looking at grades, UCAS credits,  A-Levels, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and other unique and worthwhile characteristics.

Admissions for the FSU International Gateway Program has four distinct cycles. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so students are encouraged to apply as early as possible before all slots are filled. Students will receive decisions from the university within four to six weeks of submission.

The following is a general guide to our application deadlines:

Early Admissions: Mid-September to late November

General Admissions: Early January to late March

FSU Extra: Early April to late June

FSU Clearing: Mid-July to mid-August


Benefits of the FSU Gateway Program

  • Significantly, students who enter the Gateway Program do not have to take the SAT before applying or being admitted to the university. After a student is accepted to Gateway, the FSU London Centre works with them to prepare for the SAT exam through workshops and tutoring, with students finally sitting the exam during the Fall semester of their first year.
  • Gateway students also receive guidance and support through the Visa application process, with FSU staff providing supervision and guidance through each step.
  • On a more individual level, the Gateway program allows UK students to become familiar with their American university system while building relationships with Americans and other Gateway students. The friendships are helpful as they not only lead to a deeper cultural understanding, but they allow for Gateway students to transition to the U.S. with a strong support network of friends that can help them fully enjoy their study abroad experience.

Eligibility for the FSU Gateway Program

  • Non-American Student
  • Entering first year of undergraduate study
  • Completed year 13

Application Breakdown

  • Application Form
  • GCSE, AS and A2 achieved/predictions
  • Personal Essay
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Application fee of £50

Apply Online

Download an application form.